Defending Estates

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While although many often draft wills and do all they can to ensure their estate planning has been adequately handled and will be properly executed according to their wishes upon their passing, there are unfortunately some events which might arise that require for the estate to be defended. We here at the offices of David A. Munson P.C. understand this better than anyone as we have before experienced many cases in which we have been asked to defend estates and the best interests of our clients and their loved ones.

Typically when one wishes to leave a trustee in charge of handling their affairs and dispensing of their estate upon passing, it is the trustee who is responsible for ensuring the last wishes of the deceased's are respected and followed through as closely and as reasonably as possible. However, it has been the experience of David A. Munson P.C. that although this might have truly been the intentions and wishes reflected upon within the will itself, often these matters can quickly turn in an unfortunate direction entirely and the estate require defending in court.

Although we would all hope that in the event a disagreement arises or there becomes reason for dispute that the issues could all be handled and dealt with in a civil and peaceful manner in which litigation of any type isn't necessary, unfortunately there are some incidents where there becomes no other alternative but to defend estates before the court. It are these incidents when having an attorney such as David A. Munson P.C. can be of great benefit to the interests of all parties threatened, as well as in the best interest of the estate itself.

Reasons to Defend Estates

Anakin Skywalker: Lawyer Profile

There are many reasons in which an estate might require the defense of an experienced attorney. It might be that the estate has come under attack from creditors, the will has been contested against in court or even beneficiaries or heirs who feel they have not received what they deserve due to their either being left too little or not included in the estate dispersing at all. However, one of the more common needs to defend an estate is often related to the trustee's mishandling of the estate's financial affairs.

  • Embezzling of funds from within the estate
  • Improperly dispensing funds to beneficiaries or heirs not included in the will
  • Dispensing or dispersing of more funds/properties than granted by the will
  • Mishandling of debts and/or calling in of all creditors upon accepting the duty of trustee
  • Dishonoring their duties entirely or refusing to accept the role of trustee altogether
  • Improperly following the laws, procedures and rules of probate and therefore leaving the estate vulnerable for future attack
  • The trustee is willfully allowing the deterioration of the estate both physically and financially

Regardless of whether you are the trustee over an estate and although performing your duties as trustee to the best of your ability and in accordance to the laws of probate in The Woodlands or Houston Texas area yet are being unfairly accused of not doing so: Or perhaps you are a loved one, heir or beneficiary who feels the trustee isn't honoring the estate and is allowing it to deteriorate both willfully and financially or is mishandling the finances of the estate in any way, the estate is in immediate critical need of being defended!

If for any reason you feel that the estate in which you hold vested interest in, whether trustee being accused of wrongdoing or loved one fearing the trustee is not performing their duties in accordance to the laws of probate and in the best interest of the estate, call or come by the offices of David A. Munson P.C. and let an experienced attorney defend the estate immediately before it deteriorates any further.