Fiduciary Litigation

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If you have been named the trustee or executor of an estate, whether it been a loved one, dear friend or perhaps even a business partner, they have entrusted you with the duties of handling their affairs and the affairs of their estate because they felt as though you were the one they trusted most to do so. While this could be considered the highest honor and display of their respect toward your loyalty and character, it can also be an extraordinarily complex ordeal that often might require the assistance of en experienced attorney as well.

David A. Munson P.C. understands that even though you might have been entrusted with the honor and responsibilities of ensuring your loved one's estate is handled in the best and most appropriate manner as reasonably expected, it in no way means you might be experienced in the matters of probate within The Woodlands and Houston Texas area.

In fact, due to the complexity and overwhelmingly strict manner in which probate affairs are required to be handled, almost anyone who is not an attorney themselves might find the task extremely difficult to administer. Especially in the event someone has accused you of wrongdoing in the handling of the estate's affairs.

To be perfectly honest, the handling of an estate, dispersing of inheritances and the overseeing of trusts accordingly can be quite complex indeed. The calling in of creditors, running of appropriate ads and having all outstanding debts settled prior to the dispersing of funds and property are extremely critical in regards to timing, proper managing and accounting. If any of these are not done properly or according to the strict laws of probate, the estate could become easily vulnerable to attack and unfortunately, you as the trustee held responsible.

When Fiduciary Litigation is Critically Necessary

Anakin Skywalker: Lawyer Profile

Yet these are but a few of the reasons why you might need the assistance of an experienced Fiduciary litigation attorney such as David A. Munson P.C. Quite truthfully, there could easily be even more complicated and just as serious reasons that you yourself may need defending. Namely, in the event you are being accused of allowing the estate to deteriorate, mismanaging the estate's financial affairs or even the embezzling of the estate's funds.

While you might feel as though you are doing all you possibly can to ensure the estate and its affairs are being handled in the most reasonable and respectful means possible, others might not feel this way. In the event you have been named the trustee of a friend, loved one's or business partner's estate and are being accused of wrongdoing, these matters must be addressed as quickly as possible and you are in the need of immediate representation of an experienced Fiduciary litigation attorney.

If this is the case, and you are the trustee of an estate in or around The Woodlands and/or the Houston Texas area, call or come by the office of David A. Munson P.C. and allow him to rapidly begin preparing a Fiduciary litigation defense on your behalf. Or, perhaps you are the beneficiary or heir to an estate and feel that the trustee is not performing their duties as required or mishandling the estate's financial affairs in any way, David A. Munson P.C. can be of great assistance to you as well. However, do not wait and allow the matter to continue further or fester without adequate Fiduciary litigation! Call David A. Munson P.C. and let him help get the estate back on track and ward off any and all attacks against it or mishandlings of it.