Trust Contest

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Understandably, we here at the law offices of David A. Munson P.C. are routinely asked by our clients about the defending of their will, as well as their loved one's best interest in the event of a will contest. Although we try to offer these clients comfort and peace of mind in our assurance that our office will defend their last wishes and honorable intentions with the most aggressive defenses within our power, we also attempt to make them aware that it isn't always just the will alone that requires our vehement defense. Quite often in The Woodlands and Houston, Texas area we are required to defend just as aggressively against a trust contest.

Far too many are unaware, or perhaps have even been led to believe, that a trust contest is something either non-existent or too complex for to ever truly worry about. Unfortunately, this is simply not the case at all and it is just as crucial to your loved ones for which a trust may have been setup that they are protected in the event of a trust contest.

Trusts and Trust Contests

Anakin Skywalker: Lawyer Profile

When you decide to ensure that the loved ones you may one day leave behind are adequately cared for and financially secure long after you are gone, you may also wish to secure the future financial needs and all around best interests of those who you feel might not be able to adequately do so themselves. Whether they be too young or immature in your mind to handle the responsibilities of managing any properties or lump sums of money at one time, or due to medical reasons or other complications they may never be able to handle these matters for themselves.

For these individuals or heirs, you would understandably setup a Trust of some type that would allow them to obtain their interests left by you in smaller, more manageable increments. Whether according to milestones such as a 21st birthday then later upon marriage or simply spread out over their lifetime, you want the peace of mind and comfort in knowing these individuals are well taken care of.

However, just as easily as someone might contest your last will, if they were to feel jealous or left with less than they feel they deserve, a trust contest can be just as easily and legitimately argued. A savvy attorney might argue you were pressured or even coerced under duress in setting up the trust or sometimes maliciously question your mental capabilities and understanding of what you were doing at the time you set up the trust. Regardless of their reasons, whether feeling jaded or even malicious intents, without adequate representation from an experienced probate litigator such as David A. Munson P.C., your loved one could be left undefended and unprotected in the event of a trust contest.

If you live in The Woodlands or the Houston, Texas area and want the peace of mind and comfort that comes with your knowing your loved ones will not only be taken care of financially by you after your passing but will also be represented and vigorously defend from attack such as that of a trust contest when you are no longer here to do so yourself; we urge you to please call or come by the offices of David A. Munson P.C. and let us help you find that comfort and peace of mind you so rightfully deserve.