Will Contest

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There are few things as critically important as those dealing with Wills and Trust. We here at the offices of David A. Munson PC understand deeply how desperately you want to ensure your loved ones are taken care of and your final wishes are met with the respect and dignity they so rightfully deserve. Because of this, we feel it necessary to make you aware of many of the more common pitfalls associated with you and your loved one's interests not being adequately protected in the event of your passing. While it has become much easier for individuals to draft their own Will and Trust, will contests have unfortunately become more and more a routine part of Probate Law in The Woodlands and Houston, Texas area because of this.

Over the last several years, there have been a great deal of resources made available for individuals to obtain legal templates in order to allow them a more convenient and inexpensive way of conducting certain legal affairs which before might have needed the assistance of an experienced attorney. Office supply stores or online legal document downloads might have very well revolutionized and expedited the do-it-yourself ''Bill of Sale'' or perhaps the ''X-Days to Vacate'' method of evicting tenants but they are in no way adequate enough for often complex matters of Probate such as that of Wills and Trust.

Reasons for Will Contests

Anakin Skywalker: Lawyer Profile

Although you may feel as though you have followed all the directions and have done all you can do to ensure your loved ones' best interest would be protected, but sadly, without your having an experienced attorney assisting you in drafting your Will and Trust, there will be no one to defend against a will contest after you are gone. Those who have drafted their own Will, even if did so as accurately as humanly possible without the aid of attorney, make it extraordinarily easy for others and their attorneys to contest wills.

A will contest could be made in court for any number of reasons. Often it is those who feel as though they were inadequately compensated or perhaps left out altogether who contest wills. They or their attorneys might argue you were coerced into signing your will, you were not of sound mind, it was signed improperly or inaccurately, or that you had possibly since intended to change the will but simply hadn't the time. While these may seem as improbable arguments to justify their will contest, they are in fact extraordinarily common and even viable arguments and more often than not lead to a will contest hearing before the court!

If you are considering drafting your own will or perhaps have already done so and live in or around The Woodlands or Houston, Texas area, please call or come by the offices of David A. Munson P.C. and let an experienced probate attorney assist you in your Will and Trust needs. Again, it has never before been so critically important that not only are your loved one's best interest protected, but just as crucial, they are vehemently and aggressively defended in the event you can no longer be there to do so. Let David A. Munson P.C. ensure your last wishes are respected.